Surprise on the Links

Early in the dewy morning, we went to fight the lazy Monday

blues by annihilating five hundred calories or so at a beautiful

three-par golf course in Damascus, and a slightly unkempt, young

gray tabby met us at the golf carts, greeting, purring, petting us.

She caddied the whole nine-course for us, polishing our clubs with

her striped fur, arranging the balls with her paws, lying on the tee

areas to help us find them, assisting in looking for lost balls,

chasing the putted balls on the greens, letting us pet her and lighten

up our blood pressures after bad slices, lending a hand at rescuing a

lost bull frog on green number six.

Found out, before leaving, that the little tabby was just a new and

unwelcome stray, although a distinct lover of people who golf!

How can that be unwelcome?

Our very special Caddy Cat.


Spring Signs

Snow’s melting

Three robins arrived, checking out muddy-green patches

Newly thrown bird seeds hide in reappearing long dead weeds

Birds not eating well, on the alert

Many cats on the prowl

Cat “perfume” now drifts throughout the house from outside

Thinking about buying a BB gun

Yay, spring’s here!


The Field of a Hundred Sparrows and Two Cats

Between the house

and a farmer’s several silo’s and monstrous see-through hay barn

Unused last year

weeds had a field day growing tall, strong, interspecies unprejudiced

Now a foot of snow

flattens or bows most of the weeds, bringing their seeds earthward and

a hundred sparrows

daily dine on the seeds after dawn and before dusk, hanging on the stems

sliding in the snow

flitting here and there in groups, singly, constantly keeping eyes out

for two black cats

living under the porch that crash the birds’ dining, hoping to glean their own

stray little delicacies



Printmaking, Feline-style

An early-rising printmaker had placed

delicately carved cat paw prints in a straight line

toward the weedy wilds of an

unplowed field but just at the edge of the

first line of bowed snow-laden

weeds the artist had changed direction

placing more prints in a new line

returning to civilization…after all

it is very cold very gloomy and very Monday

when less serious artists still sleep