Whickamookers Are For Computers

Idiosyncrasies are for humans

Whickamookers are for computers


When hibernated, her husband’s computer

Eventually shuts itself down “in emergency”

Forcing her husband to go through the long process

Of start up in normal mode


Whereas, Tam’s computer doesn’t want

To let go of her external hard drives

She has to shut the computer down, restart,

Then it will release her hard drive, most of the time


Tam calls these problems whickamookers

To keep it light-hearted

To keep her from getting too irritated


Computer abnormalities, problems, peculiarities

All tied up in one word: whickamookers

You may think this is a silly pohm but Tam dares you

To announce the decent words you come up with


When your computer flips out!


Tam Raynor