Photo 345

Here’s a photo from cold April 2016, and I believe (without getting back into my photos) a shot from a drive to or from Lisbon.  A lucky shot.  The question Paul asks, goes well with the photo.  Cold can’t separate us from God.  The fact that God is spirit and we are physical can’t separate us.  Cloudy skies can’t either.  Hmmm…

Verse 345 2016April


Marshmallows and Cupcakes

“Look, giant cupcakes!” announced the Husband looking to the left at two huge dark evergreen bushes cut cupcake-shaped with a thick layer of white snow-icing decorating their large tops


“Get a load of those huge marshmallows!” said the Husband looking to the left at long rows of large white plastic wrapped rolled hay bales appearing like nothing more than monster-sized edible marshmallows

Apparently, it was one of those food-on-the-mind-days for the Husband


Wintery Eyes

white, snowy hills pile up onto each other through the distances

but cannot actually be seen separately without the delicate

trim of dark, lacy, tall, bare, winter trees that outline all

of the different, oval-shaped areas like eyelashes

sometimes thick, sometimes thin, long or short

with buildings serving as pupils



What’s A Barn Person?

There exists the stray person among us who lives her whole life not knowing that she is actually a Barn Person, until one day she moves to a land loaded to the gills with new, old, colorful, sagging, huge, small, single-deckers up to quadruple-decker barns. Barns are on every hill, in every valley, climbing hillsides, or even existing as part of houses like in Europe. When this stray person among us gazes upon such story book barn scenery, she inexplicably wells up with tears, sensing overwhelming bliss from even the land, the trees, farm houses, fences, horses, and cattle that surround the barns; and she constantly whispers or chokes out, “It is so beautiful!” pronouncing every consonant slowly and clearly. This stray person’s spouse has to pat her on the hand and continue driving around more curves, each one creating new tearful, happy, emotional outbursts of “It is so beautiful!”


Paris in Ohio

“We’re in Paris now!” exclaimed my friend as we drove speedily on the two-lane highway to Canton.

My head swiveled back and forth looking for the town, and I saw thousands of tall spires of intricately designed green corn stalks, and ancient trees surrounding an elusive white building or two before we slipped past—

“We’re out of Paris now!” cried my friend gaily as I looked upon gorgeous, rich greens, of artistically styled fields of corn, soy beans, and lush, thick patches of tall trees that would make King Louis XIV green with architectural envy.