The Ancient Modern Dance

(I saw this yesterday while out and about and looked for descriptive verbs using the alphabet.  To make it work I had fix the w-word and invent an x-word…)


Streets shiver shimmer with attacking, billowing, clip-clopping, dancing, enveloping, flip-flopping, galloping, hampering, inverting, jumping, knocking, loping, montaging, nestling, overwhelming, prancing, quickening, racing, snapping, tapping, undulating, vamping, whirlwind-ing, xilitating, yammering, zipping leaves of all sizes, shapes and colors and when they stop to rest, a brilliantly colored quilt blankets the usually gray stage; but not for long, ha, they catch their breath again, that ancient yet tireless modern dance troupe called The Fallen Leaves…

I love this time of year!

Tam Raynor