Dove in a Bad Mood

(This happened this morning under the bird feeder outside)

A girl has to look out for herself now and then

Hard winter freezing to death

Now the husband wants to get flirty

She’s hungry, had enough

Peck, jab, peck, attack

He runs for shelter

She returns to calmly eat like doves do

Then repeats the protection sequence through the day

Knowing that soon, she’ll need to start another family, but

A girl has to look out for her own self now and then

Photo 348

These doves in April posed calmly, framed with not yet blooming, curly tree branches in the evening light.  We should be as calm about our spiritual worship being acceptable to God.

Verse 348 2016April

Natural Broadcasting


Sick, lying in bed, one morning

quietly resting, exhausted

I heard doves coo cooing to each other

then silence

Later, I heard Snow Geese honk honking to the sky

then stillness

Next, I heard Grackles caw cawing to others

then they stopped

Afterward, I heard a train whiss whistling to the world

then quiet

Gradually, I heard an 18-wheeler rum rumbling on the road

then it ceased

and in the new silence

I could hear my heart pum pumping to me

one morning, lying in bed, sick