Scenes from the Kitchen Window

Scene 1 – Early Morning

A red-wing black bird, two gray doves, bright red cardinal and motley brown sparrows

Scene 2 – Mid Morning

Four gray doves, gray/black titmouse, zebra striped/red headed Downy Woodpecker and the motley brown sparrows

Scene 3 – Lunch Time

Three red-wings, yellow-green/yellow/zebra-striped goldfinches, two blue jays with black and white markings, black/gold filigree starlings and the motley brown sparrows

Scene 4 – After Lunch

A gray/white/black nuthatch, gray dove, purple-headed house sparrow, two motley red-green-gray-brown momma cardinals and the motley brown sparrows

Scene 5 – Climax, Mid-Afternoon

Then a large gray/brown/white soft blob of a cottontail bunny moves through among reds, grays, blues, blacks, yellows, zebra stripes, and browns, throwing everything out of order for a few seconds

Closing Scene – Denouement

The bunny remains calm, everyone returns to eat—color and action tranquilly unite through the Kitchen Window, viewed on Easter weekend

Humming Through A Storm

Lashing water thrashes in whirls

pouring masses of rain flood the

land in front of the house in only

five minutes drowning vision and

senses with sound and light when

suddenly a miniature, dark

silhouetted body speeds out of the

swirling blinding rain on lightning

fast wings weakening, but arriving at my

hanging feeder, drenched, clinging

on the foot rest for ten, fifteen

minutes and I wait with him until the

worst of the wind passes and he spirits

home to tell his story to the family