Everywhere’s Lights

A friend calls late, her daughter

rushing to an Emergency room, my friend

needing a ride to Minerva to pick up the

car at her husband’s work place, and we

drive her, and on the way are blessed with an

absolutely gorgeous, fiery, electric sunset

colors flying everywhere, filling the sky, and

exciting lightning bugs flash their white

lights everywhere , from every field and grassy

space, then on our way back an unexpected

fantastic display of colorful fireworks fly over

the skies in Kensington, flashing, falling into

all the senses on not just another

usual Monday evening in eastern Ohio

The Town of Fireworks


On the fourth evening of July

almost every street and alley, parking lot and football field

has fireworks of every kind shooting skyward

banging, whizzing, fizzing, sparkling

booming, with colors, sparkles, blasts, screams

Cinders land everywhere, smoke fumes the air

Celebrating Independence Day

The freedom to live in a town allowing everyone to shoot

noisy dangerous things into the sky during

one week of every year



Sparkling Daily



three boxes

of 4th of July sparklers

in the closet, two years old

Usually too windy around the 4th

so don’t get to use them as intended

Decided two days ago to burn one every morning

after breakfast until they’re used up

Start the day with colorful sizzling

some unusual pizzazz

a spark