God’s Broom


sweeps clouds of rain bunnies to

the southeast, leaving

behind baby-blue colored

floors of the sky, squeaky clean



The Robin Stood


robin standing tall

red chest radiating all

the glory of the

morning sun like a red-orange

blaze on the vibrant green grass


Writing Art

          Writing involves the same qualities as the making of two- or three-dimensional art, with the capability of being arranged on any type of support system, the best one being the human brain.  Writers love to share what they see with others, by drawing short, black, squiggly marks, placing colors, smells, textures, influences, actions, thoughts, and locations on the naturally prepared canvas of a reader’s mind, framed by the body’s head, displayed on the walls of life, lasting as long as minds survive, long after the writers themselves have finished their own life-stories.