Photo 356

Continuation of Romans and my evening tulip patch photos…

Verse 356 2016April


Photo 355

Near the end of April the sun started staying around longer, one evening I was walking past the Post Office and the setting sun blazed through a patch of tulips and beautiful weeds.  I ran like crazy back home, grabbed the camera and drove to the tulip patch.  After snapping a couple hundred photos the sun waved good-bye…and the next few photos are the results.  I added more of my Romans favorite verses.

Verse 355 2016April

The Lone Goldenrod

One tall colorful plant stands proudly in the empty field

having its lower body denuded yet still sporting

golden yellowish flowers on its upper quarter, surviving

determinedly against rains, winds, and now three frosts

towering above dead clumps of fallen comrades, patches of

short new green grasses, teaching me through the

kitchen window to bloom in spite of weed poisoning

brutal mowing, weather, loneliness and approaching winter

God teaches me about power, even through wild flowers—just one

Spring Enticement


Enticingly placed among thousands of close-standing, newly-budded, tall, dark trees

float snowy white, delicate flowers, on leggy bush trees, in lacy clusters

like ghostly spirits

beckoning me to come…see…touch…experience

refreshing spring in the wild mass of knolls, hills, mountains of West Virginia