Surprise on the Links

Early in the dewy morning, we went to fight the lazy Monday

blues by annihilating five hundred calories or so at a beautiful

three-par golf course in Damascus, and a slightly unkempt, young

gray tabby met us at the golf carts, greeting, purring, petting us.

She caddied the whole nine-course for us, polishing our clubs with

her striped fur, arranging the balls with her paws, lying on the tee

areas to help us find them, assisting in looking for lost balls,

chasing the putted balls on the greens, letting us pet her and lighten

up our blood pressures after bad slices, lending a hand at rescuing a

lost bull frog on green number six.

Found out, before leaving, that the little tabby was just a new and

unwelcome stray, although a distinct lover of people who golf!

How can that be unwelcome?

Our very special Caddy Cat.

Not a Fairy Tale

“I found a fwag!” said a little, blonde, pigtailed girl, tugging at my blouse to get my attention.

I said, “A what?”

“A fwag! Come see!” and she turned, beckoning me to follow.

We walk toward a grassy area west of the church parking lot, where two other little girls surround something, gazing down. I move around until I can’t help but smile, seeing a little two-inch frog crouched among the rich, green grass blades.

“Fwag!” Three sets of eyes turn to look at me, then the bodies they belong to all squat down to get closer to the fwag.

Little girls and frogs.

What a sight.

2015Jun7littlegirlsNfrog 2015Jun7littlegirlsNfrog1a