The Ruth Model

(My preacher-husband gave a lesson this morning on the book of Ruth, going through all the chapters, and he made statements that sparked my brain juices)

Ruth was an unbeliever who began to believe in Jehovah God. She latched onto a believer, Naomi, and followed her to the land where God reigned. She “happened” to start gleaning for food in the harvest fields of a good, kind man, who became her protector and provider of extra food and water. She was given advice on how to make this good, kind person hers forever. She must make her claim on him by being found at his feet when he wakes on the threshing floor of harvest, willing to fight for Him if attackers come. He does what it takes to redeem her and make her his. They get married and through their relationship, Jesus later came into the world.

The church today is the Bride of Jesus Christ, who is a good, kind Person, wanting to protect and provide for those who are found at His feet, hanging on to His every word, striving to fight for Him and be in His care. Believe in Jehovah as God. Latch onto other believers and follow them to the “land where Jehovah rules,” the church. Harvest in His field. Drink His water and food. Make your claim for Jesus. Accept His protection and rest. Do what it takes to let Jesus redeem you for Himself, He has already done His part. Have godly relationships that bring Jesus to the world.

One Evening, Traveling West to Meade

Drove home from a long day with a loved one in the hospital

Punched through a thunder storm’s heavy rain into sunlight

and a minute later, checked traffic in the rearview mirror

Surprised by a brilliant, wide, rainbow leg beaming at me

Excited, glanced into the side mirror and saw the leg sloping left

Breathlessly and briefly, peeked over my shoulder

Sure enough, it solidly stood, blazing against the dark storm backdrop

a huge, thick, perfect, beautiful, richly-colored rainbow

Stole five minutes of peekings

until it faded into the clouds, leaving its arch

in my smile and its glow in my eyes

A peace-promise from God in the middle of chaos

August 27, 2014, Wednesday

Small Creatures

I found a cockroach in the bedroom one morning. It missed dying by a hair’s breath, as it frantically scooted behind the dresser in time to avoid a slamming shoe.

It gave me the shivers, but after two days of constant lookout, I began to let my guard down. On the third morning, I opened the top dresser drawer to grab some nylons, but sixth-sense made me look first.

In the nylon box, full of brown knee-highs, nestled the shiny, dark-brown cockroach, all comfy-like.

Making heroic efforts not to scream, I carefully lifted the box and dumped it all in a trash bag, then hurriedly closed the bag. I ghoulishly watched the little life form as it realized what had happened and began scrambling to escape. A couple minutes later, I figured out how to kill it without opening the bag.

Strangely enough, for a couple of days, guilt actually followed me around. The little guy had found a nice warm home and wasn’t trying to “bother” anybody. Since I took offense, though, I wiped out the cockroach without even a fair trial.

People are not much different than bugs and other creatures: we move around on earth and find comfy places to live, not realizing that they belong to someone more powerful than us—God.

I’m so glad that God doesn’t react to us the way we react to cockroaches! At least, unless we’re wicked. Then, I imagine the similarity in disgusting looks and revulsion is there—after all, God did wipe out Sodom and Gomorrah, and the Canaanites. But, they each did have fair trials that lasted several hundred years before their sentencing and execution were carried out.

This is just something else for me to think about as I open dresser drawers.

(P.S.: I’ll still kill a cockroach if I see one!)


New TV Series


Have you seen the new TV series called God’s Show?
It starts after dark; turn out the lights, open the curtains
and experience full-screen flashes of bright lights
rumble-rollings of bass drums, tapering off with snares
Zig-zag columns of vertical light pillars flip through
sheets of pouring water tapering off into sprinkles
Flashes, rumbles, fierce clashes of cymbols
Gets quiet, but wait it starts all over again
Usually no plot, no storyline, no actors
Just riveting action that lasts about an hour or less
Check for show times on the Weather Channel