Extreme Names


We sailed past a weathered billboard in central Texas

plastered with a fading “Buzzard Billy’s Cajun Restaurant!”

I snorted and repeated it to the Husband, then forgot about it

Several seconds went by, when suddenly, the Husband said musingly

“Buzzard Billy. I wonder how that went as a kid?

“Hey, Buzzard! Get your carcass in here, right now!

“Buzzard, get out of the kitchen, ya’ wanna be a cook or sumthin’?”

I said, “Hey, Buzzard! You take after yer pa’!”

and our funny bones kicked in with heavy duty belly laughing

I thought we’d have to pull over for safety

It’s so worth paying attention to what others are up to

and I thank Buzzard Billy for his restaurant name choice

because we needed a good laugh moment



My Wing


“Give me your wing!” demanded the 94-year old little lady

standing next to me in the church parking lot

“Wing?” I asked bemusedly, analyzing her

With faked grumpiness, she growled,

“Arm!  Your arm!  I’m wobbly!”

We both laughed together

Proffering my “wing” to her, we teeter-tottered

together into the building

It’s great being needed