Natural Halo

Softly whited halo hovers above valleys, hills, fields

floats among and through forest stands while

thickly wispy tendrils whitely finger up from many

ponds adding delicate fluff easily puffed away if the

breezes visit, but not on this magical morning


Brief Dawn

Clouds allow the rising sun to briefly

slap itself against some houses, whose

cold, long shadows in the rear cling to

what they can of a fallow field as the

sun splashes fresh, yellow brightness

between the homes until the sudden

cheerful light is shut off by the clouds

This Morning

Foggy foggy dawn

Fading gently through the morn

Singing softly of a midnight storm

That did not happen like the weather man had said

Foggy foggy dawn

Lifting slowly, soon will be gone

Green early spring shows in the lawn

And birds wait quietly ‘til it is safe to fly


Reverie and Reveille

Staring out the kitchen window

getting ready to install a contact lens

because someone was using the bathroom, I

forgot about the contact lens, getting

lost in reverie among the spindly, tall

weeds in a field surrounding grain silos

with the morning sun brightening the world, when

suddenly, a woman’s voice wafted up from

the depths of the earth saying,

“Tam! Are the potatoes boiling yet?”

Startled, I looked around for the voice, then remembered

where I was, in a house with a basement,

sharing it temporarily with friends, and I

glanced over at the stove, where a large red

pot stood with a lid, no bubbling over

then realized I still rubbed a contact lens between my fingers

“I don’t know, can’t check, let me put my contact in first!”

“Okay!” drifted the voice from below