Language Linguistics

Crossing the border between Illinois and Indiana, the husband innocently asked, “Is there anything to see in Terra Hoot?”

Immediately, I said, “It’s not Hoot. It’s pronounced like Hoht. French, ya’ know.”

After attaching Haute with Hoke from the movie, Driving Miss Daisy, he was able to correctly say the Indiana city’s name, Terre Haute.

Then, we had a hoot laughing about what would have happened if he had asked a resident instead of me.



Extreme Names


We sailed past a weathered billboard in central Texas

plastered with a fading “Buzzard Billy’s Cajun Restaurant!”

I snorted and repeated it to the Husband, then forgot about it

Several seconds went by, when suddenly, the Husband said musingly

“Buzzard Billy. I wonder how that went as a kid?

“Hey, Buzzard! Get your carcass in here, right now!

“Buzzard, get out of the kitchen, ya’ wanna be a cook or sumthin’?”

I said, “Hey, Buzzard! You take after yer pa’!”

and our funny bones kicked in with heavy duty belly laughing

I thought we’d have to pull over for safety

It’s so worth paying attention to what others are up to

and I thank Buzzard Billy for his restaurant name choice

because we needed a good laugh moment