Drama East of Cleveland

(This happened last August 7, 2018)

Run heavily up old wooden stairs as fast as you can then

Roll back down them full body banging against walls and stairs then

Flip the lights on and off several times and

Throw a glass punch bowl across the hall into the wall and

Flinch at the loud crashing crushing tinkling sounds of breaking

glass after the loud thud on the wall

Run back up the stairs and jump down while skipping every other stair

Slam a metal bat into the picture window and

scream when the shattering glass sklatters around you

Flip the lights on and off again and run for dear life when the

747 airplane crashes through the roof crushing blasting shrieking roaring….

Over and over and over

The sounds of an impressive triplet set of thunderstorms passing through last night east of Cleveland


Short April 1st Walk

Smiling while listening to the plurbling, blurbling stream

winding gently below me on the metal, see-through bridge

Looking up to the left as a black crow yaw-caws its

way over the field of faded golden cornstalks

Glancing to the right, suddenly noticing the hefty rain clouds

flying, swooping over fields and villages…towards me

Fast Fall

Visited Niagara Falls on a Friday in July

Haven’t been able to write since the

primal power, colossal volume of water

horizontal speeding blues and greens to

gorgeous white rushing falls fogged the

mind leaving any other views dry in awe

Stood with open mouth wide eyes

deafened ears, smothered imagination

Still haven’t found my words for anything

else, and it’s August



One Morning, Traveling East to Dodge

Drove into the morning, where a huge rainbow had stood the evening before

Now a splendid, eye-dazzling display of the sun glows

behind glossy, lacy, thin, calligraphy clouds that

shimmer with silver, gold, orange, yellow, white, blue, and gray

fleecing across the white sun, over the baby blue sky, while

a colorful train moves in to join me on my left for a short time

A magnificent, soul-inspiring ride, then

I realized that absolutely everything in this existence is temporary

the rainbow from last night, trains, clouds, pain, storms, good health, loved ones, enemies, beauty and ugly; the sun and moon even move around, disappear

all just glimpses, tantalizing or terrifying, of permanent, future places

like the tantalizing, dazzling samples of an eternal heaven—breathtaking beauty in nature, in people, in actions, in feelings, in thought, in emotions—all things that reasoning people desire: wonder and happiness

like the terrifying, alarming samples of an eternal hell—soul-sucking pain in nature, in people, in actions, in feelings, in thoughts, in emotions—all things that reasoning people shun: horror and misery

Oh, see what a morning drive toward a hospital can stir up

August 28, 2015, Thursday