Photo 348

These doves in April posed calmly, framed with not yet blooming, curly tree branches in the evening light.  We should be as calm about our spiritual worship being acceptable to God.

Verse 348 2016April

Photo 341

Here’s another shot from the kitchen window, back in April of this year, snow on the ground, and this beautiful, small woodpecker came out every day for a food visit.  I also love this passage from Romans 7 and the answer to the question…”I thank God, for Jesus Christ our Lord…”

Verse 341 2016April

The Night Tractor

We’ve never lived so close to farmers who plow through the

night, like just behind our house tonight

Sleep calls but curiosity gets us up to watch the

plowing, listen to the rise and fall of engine volume as the

tractor creaks, pings against rocks, kicks up dust

back and forth, slowing down, speeding up, using the

full moon’s bright light and the tractor’s own headlights and

it is after eleven o’clock

(from a May 19, 2016 experience)