Delicate Shapes


Brown fields, gold fields

evergreens, tall dead grasses

entirely frost sharpened

The north sides vividly, thickly white

starkly defined


delicately shaped

Freezing north wind blows

clumps of ice covered plant life



The Voices



on voices

over voices under voices

Roaring waterfall

Cataracts falling in never ending waves

bubbling happily excitedly laughingly

living alive

breathing noise in

breathing noise out

Deafening cacophony

Hundreds of students

jammed in a school cafeteria

waiting for final Forensic scores

with clapping sprees, group table drum sessions

laughter whistles talking whoops

yells and tries at cheering

visiting making friends renewing friends

Adults yawn,

smiling at the excitement

at the end of a grueling meet

looking forward to a long drive home




I’ve Spent

four years writing about my new experiences, while living on the high plains in southwest Kansas.  It’s no longer new, so I took many of the poems (after spending hours and hours and hours editing the Chosen Ones) and I published them in book form, and the book is now available on  The prose poems are ordered by topic, and are best when read out loud, with a hot cuppa in your hand.  A few poems have b/w photos I took on the four-year journey.  I designed the cover to simplistically resemble the plains stretched out under an all-encompassing sky.  “Wind Dancers” is the title of one piece, about a certain high plains object, but just about everything and everyone, living in this part of the country, are wind dancers.


Passion or Enjoyment


Passion defined means



Quilters do not have a passion

for quilting


they have a great delight

in creating quilts

morning and evening, day in and day out

quilts for kids, grandkids, relatives, friends

graduations, marriages, newborns

and even baby dolls or for walls

I, on the other hand,

do have a passion for quilting

as it is painful on my fingers

takes forever to complete

and the quilts never


finish evenly