The Empty House


The empty house

across the street

has a snow-laden

roof like Mont Blanc’s

glorious summit

glittering in the morning light

since no life exists beneath

no warmth to melt

the suffocating pile

of winter cold



Snow Day


Watch all day as the old classic car

across the street gradually disappear​s

Try to count the falling flakes

but naturally have to stop

Our little two-foot pine tree

slowly submerges in snow

Just an overall relaxing day



Reality Check


Heavy snowfall predicted

for tonight, tomorrow

that means Snow-Day but

walked by the window

an hour ago

sun shining

depressing me

just now checked again

high clouds but brightly lit

how can I say it precisely?

Glowingly gloomy

Predictions and reality

don’t always coincide



Reading Passions


The heating unit rattled

a student in the other room tapped his desk

some students down the hall chatted

the heating unit ceased, and then somebody in my room sniffled

forcing me to glance up and seek the cause of the abnormal noise

a fellow teacher reading a book while holding a white nose tissue, crying

and I gently asked my fellow teacher if she cried or just suffered a sinus attack

(already knowing the answer)

and she, barely looking up from the book

nodded in assent to one or both of the questions

returning to a very emotional story

while I delicately returned to my computer

leaving her to drown happily in the sea of literarily initiated passions



Dust or Wind


Yellow dust storm

not anything like last week’s brown dust storm

but still leaving the same enigmatic question

How can dust be a storm?

Only the wind can stir up dust

to fly in the air thousands of miles

so new seeds find themselves in

different parts of the country

and new allergies can evolve

in vulnerable noses like mine

during yellow dusty wind storm