The Big Five


In the after-breakfast morning sprinkles

five hefty hawks perch on the high wires

behind my house under the dark clouds

the sound of vehicles on the nearby highway

a quiet rabbit under the trees to my right

a loud angry bird in the tree above

squawks at the spouse to get rid of the hawks

sitting spaced apart like ominous sentinels

soundlessly staring preening calm

and three smaller birds flap over to perch near one hawk

trying to strike up the courage to chase it away

but the hawk is a whole lot bigger

and there are five


A Different Kind of Cookie

Drowning with gloom, mists, tears

I float above bright white clouds

hiding the gloom, mists, rains

on the world below

me clouds world

like a sandwich cookie

only not as sweet


This written while riding on United from San Diego to Chicago to Wichita on the early morning of June 10 after being told that my husband had been hospitalized in Dodge because of blood clots in his legs and lungs.  The doctor’s there have since saved his life and my husband is recovering nicely.





My Wing


“Give me your wing!” demanded the 94-year old little lady

standing next to me in the church parking lot

“Wing?” I asked bemusedly, analyzing her

With faked grumpiness, she growled,

“Arm!  Your arm!  I’m wobbly!”

We both laughed together

Proffering my “wing” to her, we teeter-tottered

together into the building

It’s great being needed



At the Airport, June 8, 5:45 am


Weather’s storming

         (all over the US)

Tornadoes dropping

         (here and there in Kansas)

Flights cancelling

        (leaving the stranded)


Dad is dying

        (liver cancer, 6 to 12 months)

Husband’s crying

       (misses me for the week while I visit Dad)

Life’s so trying!

(it all happens at once, doesn’t it?)