Extreme Names


We sailed past a weathered billboard in central Texas

plastered with a fading “Buzzard Billy’s Cajun Restaurant!”

I snorted and repeated it to the Husband, then forgot about it

Several seconds went by, when suddenly, the Husband said musingly

“Buzzard Billy. I wonder how that went as a kid?

“Hey, Buzzard! Get your carcass in here, right now!

“Buzzard, get out of the kitchen, ya’ wanna be a cook or sumthin’?”

I said, “Hey, Buzzard! You take after yer pa’!”

and our funny bones kicked in with heavy duty belly laughing

I thought we’d have to pull over for safety

It’s so worth paying attention to what others are up to

and I thank Buzzard Billy for his restaurant name choice

because we needed a good laugh moment


The Last Day of My Fifty-Sixth Year


On the morning of May 23, I woke up, exercised, showered, ate, checked emails—the normal stuff

Noticed it had rained heavily during the night

Drove to Dodge City, with my Sweetie, under lowering clouds with rain in all the far distances, the way clear in front of us

Serviced the car; walked the paths inside Wal-Mart—buying Danskin NOW socks; walked the aisles of Hobby Lobby—buying two canvases on sale; ate delicious fish tacos at El Korita—drinking horchata; bought a new mattress set at Ashely’s—dreaming of coil-less sleeping bliss

Arrived at home, relaxed awhile, went to some friends for pizza and a movie

Drove home under more lowering clouds with rain in all the distances, the way clear in front

A great end to another year