Sheriff Ingredients

My sister is a trained volunteer sheriff for her city.  Two days ago, she broke one of her toes against a bed leg and had been hobbling around painfully.  We were texting this morning …

She said, “I’ve decided to find a replacement for Sheriff ingredients tomorrow.”

I asked, “Ingredients?”

“Dumb dictionary!”

I laughed out loud and sniggered and she said, “Ignore it.”  Of course, that’s impossible.

I texted back, “How to make a sheriff…one uniform, one car, one partner…”

She added, “One doughnut, no, two doughnuts.”  Then she added, “The word ingredients was just supposed to be –ing at the end of sheriff for sheriffing.

I knew that, but I liked the mistake better—more scope for the imagination.


LIttle Sisters Rock!

Yesterday afternoon I texted my little sister (in San Diego)…

“We’re having rip snorting rain storms this afternoon!  I had to go out and fix the tomatoes, they were leaning over, along with my bell peppers!  Thunder is rolling over right now…and the wind?  Oh, my!”

My little sister immediately came back with…

“We’re having a sun storm!  Waves of heat knocking us backward when we try to step outside!  Hope this sun storm passes over real quick!”

Little sisters rock!

Late Middle Aged Christian Humor

I was online, chatting with my sister about who we had admired when we were kids.

She messaged, “I remember when I was in junior high, high school, I always picked out someone I admired and stared at them a lot. They were always Christians. Better to admire a Chrustian than a movie star.

I answered swiftly, “Well, chrustian could be a new word!”

A few seconds later, as if she had to reread the messages, my sister came back with, “Ha. Chrustian. Chrustians are old Christians. Seniors. You do know that you and I are heading into the Chrustian age. LOL.”