Real Muscles Like Exercise

My body’s tired

It wants to rest

My mind is not

It’s just a pest

It thinks up plans

And dreams and goals

Until my head just

Nods and lolls


What will I do

With a brain that won’t stop

It thinks and it thinks

It plans ‘til it pops

I’ll drink up hot tea

And take an Advil

To make this poor mu-

scle rest quiet and still

5:49 AM, Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri


Tink tink tink


Tink tink tink

Small, yet clear, delicate noise. Eyes open. Think yesterday’s occupants had set the alarm next to me.

Rise up and unplug the clock—no, the lamp.

Tink tink tink

Unplug the clock. Lie down. Close eyes.

Tink tink tink

Husband says, “Must be the phone, sound’s coming from over here.”

Rise up. Go around the bed. Unplug the phone. Lie down.

Tink tink tink

Rise up. Go around the bed. Unhook the phone receiver. Lie down.

Tink tink tink

“Must be the neighbors ignoring their alarm,” says the Husband, “’cuz I checked my phone already…I’ll check it again…”

Pause, light from the phone shines into my eyes.

“Oops! It’s me! Low battery alarm! Sorry, Sweetie!”

“Dog!” I mutter at 5:55 on a Saturday morning in St. Louis