A Sweet Sight

Seated next to each other in the third

pew from the front, the aging couple wear

clean but worn clothing, maybe their best; he with

thin, wispy silver hair, she with lots of white hair bunned

on top, with stray tendrils around her neck; he bent with age, a

folded walker in easy reach, she making sure he’s okay now and then

honoring their God at a Monday evening gospel meeting with a small town church.


Real Daydream

Leaving a convalescent home and driving

slowly down the empty street on a hot

Sunday afternoon, I approached

the wide, deserted, small-town main

street, and an extraordinary sight

pranced from my left to my right, like a

sweet daydream, of a miniature pony

proudly pulling a driver and a special

wagon made into a white pumpkin cage carrying four

little girls waving happily at me; I started

grinning from ear to ear and waved back, suddenly

in touch with fun people I’ll never know except

at just this one special moment