Spring Bugs

things have warmed up the sun shining more often

grasses turned rich lush green and winter wet surfaces have

dried out a special type of bug comes out now in droves all over

Ohio in noisy large groups or individually un-muffled rumbling

roaring buzzing bubbling everywhere different sizes from

huge to small with metal shells all having either one or two

humps on their backs two wings flutter underneath in circular motion

needing asphalt or cement roads to help propel them forward at

slow or high speeds we’ve dubbed them Sun Cycles because

they only seem to drive out with the sun

(Get it?)


This Morning

Foggy foggy dawn

Fading gently through the morn

Singing softly of a midnight storm

That did not happen like the weather man had said

Foggy foggy dawn

Lifting slowly, soon will be gone

Green early spring shows in the lawn

And birds wait quietly ‘til it is safe to fly


Spring Signs

Snow’s melting

Three robins arrived, checking out muddy-green patches

Newly thrown bird seeds hide in reappearing long dead weeds

Birds not eating well, on the alert

Many cats on the prowl

Cat “perfume” now drifts throughout the house from outside

Thinking about buying a BB gun

Yay, spring’s here!