Cardinal Couple

Swift bullets, red male first, multi-colored female determinedly follows

gliding through warm air molecules over the field headed for a feeder

One flap of wings, penguin-like body swim up and down, up and down, one flap of wings

air swimming, defying gravity, hunting prey sitting innocently piled in the feeder



An Evening Raid

After the Husband grilled our two burgers and baked-potato halves, and we were ready to eat, a friend called to take the Husband away to play golf.  The Friend has a big game next Saturday and he wanted to get some practice in.  So, the Husband rushed eating, grabbed his clubs, and ran off to play golf.

I finished eating and went to watch a movie downstairs in the basement, where it’s cool since it’s been real hot here for the last couple of days.  

Well…a quarter of the way through the movie, I cringed when all of a sudden, someone heavy started walking around upstairs!  You know, the creaking and heavy banging of body weight.

It wasn’t time for the Husband to be home!

Then my lamp went off, flickered, and came back on!

So, I picked up my killing tool (the fishing rod) and crept upstairs, doing the FBI thing, brandishing my killing tool (the fishing rod) like a sword from room to room, closet to closet.

It was real dark.  The sun should have been shining, and the “walking noise” was still happening, so I looked out the front window and my mouth dropped open in surprise at the hard pouring rain and trees flapping wildly in a high wind! Lightening stabbed down across the street, behind those trees, thunder blasted, rain poured! As it turned out, the wind was pushing the house, causing the creaking, and the rain gutter was banging against the roof!  No one was here, just me, with a fishing rod in my hand, crouched by the window, feeling sheepish!

But, wait!

The Husband and the Friend were out playing golf!

Were they fried?  Were they safe?  I didn’t know!

Then the town siren started up!

Was it a tornado?  I didn’t know!

I immediately called a Friend of mine, and she said, “No Tornado!” Just the fire trucks being called out to something dealing with fire truck stuff!

So, forcing myself to relax, I watched the storm. I love thunder and lightening.

Soon, the guys drove up and the Husband, coming in soaked, said that at the third hole they’d noticed a big black cloud and ignored it. But at the fourth hole they heard “CRACK!” as lightening hit somewhere not far away, and thunder exploded, and they golf-carted fast-forward style for the clubhouse!

Now, an hour later, the Husband and I are watching television and I’m going to make me some hot tea.

Did I talk your ear off? Thanks for listening.


Morning Round of May

Highway engine noises rumble, babble, bang

Bird wings flutter, whish, whir

Nest chirp noises beg, chorus, crave

Non-stop until one by one chirps cease

Highway engine noises roar, growl, grumble

Bird wings pulsate, flap, flurry

Nest chirp noises warble, clamor, chirrup

Non-stop until food stills each peep

Highway sounds

Wing commotions

Nest twitters