Drama East of Cleveland

(This happened last August 7, 2018)

Run heavily up old wooden stairs as fast as you can then

Roll back down them full body banging against walls and stairs then

Flip the lights on and off several times and

Throw a glass punch bowl across the hall into the wall and

Flinch at the loud crashing crushing tinkling sounds of breaking

glass after the loud thud on the wall

Run back up the stairs and jump down while skipping every other stair

Slam a metal bat into the picture window and

scream when the shattering glass sklatters around you

Flip the lights on and off again and run for dear life when the

747 airplane crashes through the roof crushing blasting shrieking roaring….

Over and over and over

The sounds of an impressive triplet set of thunderstorms passing through last night east of Cleveland

LIttle Sisters Rock!

Yesterday afternoon I texted my little sister (in San Diego)…

“We’re having rip snorting rain storms this afternoon!  I had to go out and fix the tomatoes, they were leaning over, along with my bell peppers!  Thunder is rolling over right now…and the wind?  Oh, my!”

My little sister immediately came back with…

“We’re having a sun storm!  Waves of heat knocking us backward when we try to step outside!  Hope this sun storm passes over real quick!”

Little sisters rock!

One Morning at the Fruit Farm

Blueberries don’t grow on trees

Or thorny vines

But on bushes


In round berry clumps very much

Like grapes only

They ripen separately


Gently loosen the blue berries in

Each clump and

Leave the green


Dislodge sleeping mosquitoes from

Underneath each bush

And get bitten


Other berry pickers concentrate on

Filling buckets beneath

Threatening summer clouds

Ms. Thunderhead

Her gilt, gold, organic edges stood out sharply as my eye traveled up, up, way higher than the new, thin airplane trail passing her

Powerful, deadly, awesome in size as the lower clouds shoved her fluffy, white height into the atmosphere with all their strength, and while toiling, they shed tears into the blue evening shades, while the setting sun continued to smolder off the edges of her hefty frame

(From an enormous thunderhead sighting on October 22, 2014)


One Evening, Traveling West to Meade

Drove home from a long day with a loved one in the hospital

Punched through a thunder storm’s heavy rain into sunlight

and a minute later, checked traffic in the rearview mirror

Surprised by a brilliant, wide, rainbow leg beaming at me

Excited, glanced into the side mirror and saw the leg sloping left

Breathlessly and briefly, peeked over my shoulder

Sure enough, it solidly stood, blazing against the dark storm backdrop

a huge, thick, perfect, beautiful, richly-colored rainbow

Stole five minutes of peekings

until it faded into the clouds, leaving its arch

in my smile and its glow in my eyes

A peace-promise from God in the middle of chaos

August 27, 2014, Wednesday