The Lone Goldenrod

One tall colorful plant stands proudly in the empty field

having its lower body denuded yet still sporting

golden yellowish flowers on its upper quarter, surviving

determinedly against rains, winds, and now three frosts

towering above dead clumps of fallen comrades, patches of

short new green grasses, teaching me through the

kitchen window to bloom in spite of weed poisoning

brutal mowing, weather, loneliness and approaching winter

God teaches me about power, even through wild flowers—just one

One of Those Dreams

(My Husband had this interesting dream last night.  What do you think it means?)

We visited Disney World, not alone

Started out with a large group, but were separated

with a mute older couple and a non-talking young couple with a crying baby

Didn’t know them

Brand new ride after brand new ride that we managed to get on

broke down

The baby’s emotions didn’t break down, though, everyone just let it cry

We looked at each other, How could we get away?

The few rides we managed to get on

weren’t anything at all like the advertisements touted

And the baby cried and cried

and cried and cried and cried


Rise and Shine

Everyone’s encased in fleshly dust

with a struggling spirit inside

that gets to shine out a few times a day

stretching out and up to heaven

blessing everyone around for awhile

until it gets sucked back into the quicksand of

fleshly dust, and the world becomes dark

anticipating our spirit to struggle up out again

People behave imperfectly, including you and me

but having a bit of shine a few times a day is

well worth the effort, the wait, don’t you think?