Surprise on the Links

Early in the dewy morning, we went to fight the lazy Monday

blues by annihilating five hundred calories or so at a beautiful

three-par golf course in Damascus, and a slightly unkempt, young

gray tabby met us at the golf carts, greeting, purring, petting us.

She caddied the whole nine-course for us, polishing our clubs with

her striped fur, arranging the balls with her paws, lying on the tee

areas to help us find them, assisting in looking for lost balls,

chasing the putted balls on the greens, letting us pet her and lighten

up our blood pressures after bad slices, lending a hand at rescuing a

lost bull frog on green number six.

Found out, before leaving, that the little tabby was just a new and

unwelcome stray, although a distinct lover of people who golf!

How can that be unwelcome?

Our very special Caddy Cat.


Everywhere’s Lights

A friend calls late, her daughter

rushing to an Emergency room, my friend

needing a ride to Minerva to pick up the

car at her husband’s work place, and we

drive her, and on the way are blessed with an

absolutely gorgeous, fiery, electric sunset

colors flying everywhere, filling the sky, and

exciting lightning bugs flash their white

lights everywhere , from every field and grassy

space, then on our way back an unexpected

fantastic display of colorful fireworks fly over

the skies in Kensington, flashing, falling into

all the senses on not just another

usual Monday evening in eastern Ohio

Highway Barbery

Way different from the western states, Ohio

highway barbers use pretty green and yellow

tractors with a robotic side arm and hand; and drive on the

highway itself, while the arm moves the hand over the

vegetation on the shoulder regardless of slope or

steepness, and the robot can do the “Talk to the Hand”

stance to vertically trim bushes and trees!

Just FYI.


A Full Evening Palette

Primary red male cardinal and his

Used palette colored teenagers

Abstracted blue jays

Big neutral-pastel dove

Bouncy earth-toned sparrows

Brown momma red-wing black bird

All having a green summer backyard

Get together with sprinkling water

Drops from gray clouds beneath a

Blue evening sky

One Morning at the Fruit Farm

Blueberries don’t grow on trees

Or thorny vines

But on bushes


In round berry clumps very much

Like grapes only

They ripen separately


Gently loosen the blue berries in

Each clump and

Leave the green


Dislodge sleeping mosquitoes from

Underneath each bush

And get bitten


Other berry pickers concentrate on

Filling buckets beneath

Threatening summer clouds