Humming Through A Storm

Lashing water thrashes in whirls

pouring masses of rain flood the

land in front of the house in only

five minutes drowning vision and

senses with sound and light when

suddenly a miniature, dark

silhouetted body speeds out of the

swirling blinding rain on lightning

fast wings weakening, but arriving at my

hanging feeder, drenched, clinging

on the foot rest for ten, fifteen

minutes and I wait with him until the

worst of the wind passes and he spirits

home to tell his story to the family

A Bedtime Spectacular

At the uttermost end of sunset, the duskiest of dusk,

I glance out the kitchen window, where I usually

spy on birds during the day, and notice

flashes of random lights traveling

short distances up, down, over, sideways, onward, back,

circular, flickering, flashing, flitting, all appearing like 3-D

window reflections of car lights, or Christmas lights, or airport lights,

fooling the eye a bit. I stop glancing and gaze with unashamed

delight at the field full of lights everywhere, close, far, over there, or there, oh here…

“Sweetie! Come look!” I say breathlessly, afraid to scare the lights off.

Against the faint bluish glow of day, we attend a

spectacular laser light performance

for free.


Not a Fairy Tale

“I found a fwag!” said a little, blonde, pigtailed girl, tugging at my blouse to get my attention.

I said, “A what?”

“A fwag! Come see!” and she turned, beckoning me to follow.

We walk toward a grassy area west of the church parking lot, where two other little girls surround something, gazing down. I move around until I can’t help but smile, seeing a little two-inch frog crouched among the rich, green grass blades.

“Fwag!” Three sets of eyes turn to look at me, then the bodies they belong to all squat down to get closer to the fwag.

Little girls and frogs.

What a sight.

2015Jun7littlegirlsNfrog 2015Jun7littlegirlsNfrog1a


Summer is Lost

(We drove through Liberal, Kansas today and noticed this scene)

Fresh, delicious, inviting water

flows freely throughout the many

rides in the large water park

No youthful splashing, jumping, laughing, running

even with the sun scorching through the heavy, humid air

on the sizzling August summer day

Oh, wait!

Summer has ended—school just began