Sunrise on Wednesday Morning

Glanced out the back window before eating breakfast

Freshly surprised by the morning sun shedding and dappling its radiance across the backyard as a quilt of large and small bright golden patches stitched next to large and small dark shadowy patches

Simply put together, yet stunning

Much like my life

Long bright cheerful triumphant times spotted with small losses and discomforts

Small patches of joy and sun almost smothered by huge damages and pains

Such deep reflections on Hump Day Morning

Smiled ruefully, and turned to eat breakfast



One Morning, Traveling East to Dodge

Drove into the morning, where a huge rainbow had stood the evening before

Now a splendid, eye-dazzling display of the sun glows

behind glossy, lacy, thin, calligraphy clouds that

shimmer with silver, gold, orange, yellow, white, blue, and gray

fleecing across the white sun, over the baby blue sky, while

a colorful train moves in to join me on my left for a short time

A magnificent, soul-inspiring ride, then

I realized that absolutely everything in this existence is temporary

the rainbow from last night, trains, clouds, pain, storms, good health, loved ones, enemies, beauty and ugly; the sun and moon even move around, disappear

all just glimpses, tantalizing or terrifying, of permanent, future places

like the tantalizing, dazzling samples of an eternal heaven—breathtaking beauty in nature, in people, in actions, in feelings, in thought, in emotions—all things that reasoning people desire: wonder and happiness

like the terrifying, alarming samples of an eternal hell—soul-sucking pain in nature, in people, in actions, in feelings, in thoughts, in emotions—all things that reasoning people shun: horror and misery

Oh, see what a morning drive toward a hospital can stir up

August 28, 2015, Thursday