A Bedtime Spectacular

At the uttermost end of sunset, the duskiest of dusk,

I glance out the kitchen window, where I usually

spy on birds during the day, and notice

flashes of random lights traveling

short distances up, down, over, sideways, onward, back,

circular, flickering, flashing, flitting, all appearing like 3-D

window reflections of car lights, or Christmas lights, or airport lights,

fooling the eye a bit. I stop glancing and gaze with unashamed

delight at the field full of lights everywhere, close, far, over there, or there, oh here…

“Sweetie! Come look!” I say breathlessly, afraid to scare the lights off.

Against the faint bluish glow of day, we attend a

spectacular laser light performance

for free.


Ms. Thunderhead

Her gilt, gold, organic edges stood out sharply as my eye traveled up, up, way higher than the new, thin airplane trail passing her

Powerful, deadly, awesome in size as the lower clouds shoved her fluffy, white height into the atmosphere with all their strength, and while toiling, they shed tears into the blue evening shades, while the setting sun continued to smolder off the edges of her hefty frame

(From an enormous thunderhead sighting on October 22, 2014)


Fire Set Sun


Molten yellow, orange, purple glowing lava on the horizon blazing golden rays to spread skyward while banging off clouds attempting to keep the light on Earth which also appear to be burning around the edges like smoldering embers of yellow light