Extreme Names


We sailed past a weathered billboard in central Texas

plastered with a fading “Buzzard Billy’s Cajun Restaurant!”

I snorted and repeated it to the Husband, then forgot about it

Several seconds went by, when suddenly, the Husband said musingly

“Buzzard Billy. I wonder how that went as a kid?

“Hey, Buzzard! Get your carcass in here, right now!

“Buzzard, get out of the kitchen, ya’ wanna be a cook or sumthin’?”

I said, “Hey, Buzzard! You take after yer pa’!”

and our funny bones kicked in with heavy duty belly laughing

I thought we’d have to pull over for safety

It’s so worth paying attention to what others are up to

and I thank Buzzard Billy for his restaurant name choice

because we needed a good laugh moment



Grocery Shoppin’, Old Style


As darkness falls, in Texas’ wild central hill country

two young men with big rifles go wild-pig hunting

down the hill, below a beautiful mansion

A couple hours pass

out in the driveway

in the light of a garage spot light

a large pig hangs from a contraption

The two young men carve

a cat watches over the work

with the expected tail twitching.




Stealthy invaders, expert spelunkers, called Chiggers, delve into the hidden recesses on any warm blooded body.

They lie in wait, on grass or plant tops, biding their time until a moving cavern-resort passes, so they can latch on and begin cave diving, and then quarry for red gold (blood).

At least, that’s what a Texan warned me about, and now, with the power of suggestion, I feel unseen spelunkers in every itch, real or imagined.