The Night Tractor

We’ve never lived so close to farmers who plow through the

night, like just behind our house tonight

Sleep calls but curiosity gets us up to watch the

plowing, listen to the rise and fall of engine volume as the

tractor creaks, pings against rocks, kicks up dust

back and forth, slowing down, speeding up, using the

full moon’s bright light and the tractor’s own headlights and

it is after eleven o’clock

(from a May 19, 2016 experience)

Highway Barbery

Way different from the western states, Ohio

highway barbers use pretty green and yellow

tractors with a robotic side arm and hand; and drive on the

highway itself, while the arm moves the hand over the

vegetation on the shoulder regardless of slope or

steepness, and the robot can do the “Talk to the Hand”

stance to vertically trim bushes and trees!

Just FYI.


Not Very Long Ago

a man took a cool-looking

tractor and mowed the field of

wildly free weeds (or AKA: August Fire

Hazard) behind our little house in Hanoverton,

Ohio; also chopping up or squashing many ground

hogs, chipmunks or whatever other living creatures

that couldn’t get away, since they had made nice

comfy homes there through almost two years

of neglect, and I know this because a distinct

odor of extinction thickly wafts our way

from time to time when the wind

provides an obliging path.