Inaction in the Rain

Sitting in the car, in the rain, waiting on trains

Thoughts splashing around our brains, like…

“It’s raining and we’re held up, so naturally the bladder wakes up!”

“’Passing trains’ is a nice title for a book or a musical group…”

“How ‘bout ‘Transports Passing’, or…”

“Wait! Speaking of transport passing, I really gotta go…” and the trains end

Travel takes the thoughts off of pressing matters.

Untrained Vision

A long train, with empty freight car flats, hurdles off to the right

A long train, with fully loaded freight cars, hustles off to the left

We’re stuck in the car waiting

Eyes wide open, never having seen this sight before so close

Trying to focus on one train or the other or both

Husband says, “I’m getting dizzy! Are you?”

I just close my eyes and nod.




Through sprinkles on the windshield, on a gray, cloudy, Tuesday morning, between Emporia and Newton, Kansas

the back half of a long, stretched out train wends its way west, pulling gray, brown, and rusted cars that might hold grain or might be empty

Long sections of rust-colored cars are hooked up to long sections of gray cars, which are hooked up to long sections of mixed cars of gray, rust, or brown

most stenciled with the letters BNSF on the sides; some having painted-out graffiti here and there; others showing off decorative patches of graffiti

The train vanishes into a long line of tall, green trees

A bit farther down the road, two hooked-up train engines pop out of the trees, hauling the thread of gray, rust, and brown cars

and I hear a long, loud blast—a sad, mournful, multi-horned sound, generating a whole range of emotions and longing within me.


Castle on the Horizon


Driving on a turnpike in east Kansas, coming up on a bridge, I stopped staring at the road for a sec, and looked up to the right to view the horizon

but only saw the crenelated walls of a huge, white castle!

Frantically thought I was sleep-driving until realizing that a long motionless train with all white cargo containers had stopped on the tracks heading somewhere on the other side of the bridge.