Intricate Lacings of Life

On a morning drive to the skin doctor, biopsies, burns

blue gray rainy day negative space seen

displaying the gray brown tints and shades of the uncovered

basis, the underpinnings, that normally support tons of

colorful leaves spring summer fall

Large bases soar high, narrowing up and out into

fragile, graceful, almost elegant, lacy fingers, thinner

thinner until just feathery, fairy gray brown halos of

positive space stand out around the structure edges framed with

negative spacing of fog and blue gray rainy day


Deciduous frameworks for leaves must rest once a year.

Evergreens, though, constantly bear their loads until age or

beetles get to them, then they press on with their work, growing

naked gradually, until the very last finger must at last give up

letting the whole structure rest forever


These naked structures of leafy beauty remind me of the

framework supporting me when I’m bearing the burdens of

growth, triumph, the weight of other beings, and loss

Jesus Christ is my basis, family and friends my branches


Deciduous humans must be relieved of life’s weight every

now and then, at least once a week is good, but when

people become true Christians, they also become evergreens, to

constantly produce and bear goodness, kindness, color during cold

times, shelter for struggling beings, even though still deciduous as

humans, needing regular rest from life’s other toils, yet still

evergreening with good, not allowed to rest until

our last outreaching finger can no longer hold the

last kind act and rests forever more

(Wow. I think the next time I’m taken to the dermatologist, I’ll play tablet solitaire or listen to my classic rock ‘n’ roll music!)



Spring Bugs

things have warmed up the sun shining more often

grasses turned rich lush green and winter wet surfaces have

dried out a special type of bug comes out now in droves all over

Ohio in noisy large groups or individually un-muffled rumbling

roaring buzzing bubbling everywhere different sizes from

huge to small with metal shells all having either one or two

humps on their backs two wings flutter underneath in circular motion

needing asphalt or cement roads to help propel them forward at

slow or high speeds we’ve dubbed them Sun Cycles because

they only seem to drive out with the sun

(Get it?)


Marshmallows and Cupcakes

“Look, giant cupcakes!” announced the Husband looking to the left at two huge dark evergreen bushes cut cupcake-shaped with a thick layer of white snow-icing decorating their large tops


“Get a load of those huge marshmallows!” said the Husband looking to the left at long rows of large white plastic wrapped rolled hay bales appearing like nothing more than monster-sized edible marshmallows

Apparently, it was one of those food-on-the-mind-days for the Husband


Wintery Eyes

white, snowy hills pile up onto each other through the distances

but cannot actually be seen separately without the delicate

trim of dark, lacy, tall, bare, winter trees that outline all

of the different, oval-shaped areas like eyelashes

sometimes thick, sometimes thin, long or short

with buildings serving as pupils



The Ghost of Interstate 70, Indiana

At 80 mph high wind velocity it sped

floating recklessly back and forth between

all three crowded lanes. The Mad Semi

haunted crowded Indiana west Interstate 70 this

morning in its totally white, ghost-like presence

(except for black tires). I thought it was a real

ghost, but other drivers had to use their

brakes when it cut in front of them. It

apparently could not float through

vehicles, but it still sent chills through all, as we

wondered if the fingers of Death pointed our way