The Ghost of Interstate 70, Indiana

At 80 mph high wind velocity it sped

floating recklessly back and forth between

all three crowded lanes. The Mad Semi

haunted crowded Indiana west Interstate 70 this

morning in its totally white, ghost-like presence

(except for black tires). I thought it was a real

ghost, but other drivers had to use their

brakes when it cut in front of them. It

apparently could not float through

vehicles, but it still sent chills through all, as we

wondered if the fingers of Death pointed our way



Road Construction Ahead

(This is the last of today’s posts.  A lot of interesting things happened today, as we finished our trip home from Kentucky)

Stuck on the highway on a sunny afternoon

between a grassy field to the left and a corn circle to the right

cicadas singing enthusiastically in the fields

All quiet, otherwise, except

for a cattle hauler, two cars in front of us

its unsettled cattle stomped, mooed

shook the truck back and forth

the driver even got out to check on them

then vehicles from the west started coming through

so much for a pastoral-type moment


Fleeting Connections at a Truck Stop


Under a gray sky on a cool, July morning a large, smiling, middle-aged black man, pushing a dolly loaded with sodas and colas, disappears into the truck stop outside Emporia, Kansas. Someone holds the door for him and I hear a “Thanks, man,” and then a fifty to sixty-year old, gray-haired white man sporting a well-trimmed, gray beard appears, holding a white doggy-box of food in one hand. He strolls tranquilly away from the store wearing baggy blue-jean shorts; a medium-sized tattoo on his white, right shin; a baggy, gray t-shirt; white crew socks; and dark-blue tennis shoes. He seems comfortable, behaving like he relishes the walking-moment to his 18-wheeler, located on the far side of a long line of huge, colorful cabs and trailer-ends that edge the large parking lot; but he disappears behind a massive truck that pulls in between us, filling the parking lot with its bulk.


Almost Gave It All

Almost gave it all

to pass an 18-wheeler

the last in a row of four

all vying to be first

which I didn’t know

until it was too late


Decided that 55 was too slow

I revved up and passed

number four who sped up

and number three slowed down

and a vehicle heading toward me

forced my sneak in

between three and four

against their will

Then three suddenly moved out

and passed two

but oncoming traffic

forced him to cut back in early

which forced two to shimmy

swerve over on the shoulder

wiggle back and forth

with me behind taking my last breath

Then four quit speeding up

and three was stuck behind one

who slowed down forcing all of us back to 55

which I, with tears of gratitude in my eyes,

thankful to be alive

decided was a pretty good speed

after all