New Street Gang





bulldozes down from

the north and acts as the catalyst

for the street gang called the Straying

Leaves to swirl thickly in multicolored

droves through every street, determined to

get into cars, hair, houses, yards, and into

people’s lives, creating bright, fall

memories for everyone

who notices



Heavenly Resistance Training

He pushes

I hop humiliatingly

My purse pulls in front at a 450 angle

Hair blows straight forward

Plastic bag speeds past my feet with

tumbleweed pieces chasing

Two hands pull open the car door

He pushes harder

my body shoved against the door

I struggle to enter the car

both hands tug it shut

Car vibrates with His powerful rush

I catch my breath, straighten my hair while

He shoves cloud remnants toward Oklahoma

piling them into a dark stormy horizon

I blow a hair strand out of an eye and

start the car

He still pushes