Things that Shove

While I sit on the porch bench

wild winds blow noisily out of the southeast

shoving tree branches and leaves toward the northwest

while agitated storm clouds speed high above out of the northwest

darkening the skies to the southeast

Two winds rushing in two different directions

one on the top of the other in the same sky

Winds like that can really mess up the hair

In the same way

wild events and emotions recently blew noisily out of nowhere

heading me in different directions, both within and around me

Things like these can really mess up the hair, too

(P.S.: My husband is recovering nicely from having blood clots in the lungs, and I’m recovering from all the adrenaline flows.  Sitting in the wind yesterday afternoon, made me realize it was no different than what has been happening within me for the past two weeks.  I’m enjoying a peaceful time now, until the next storm)



The Come and Go Sky


Just had a day with

the Come and Go Sky

so windy that different kinds of clouds raced past

hiding the sun, moving on

dark shadows over us, bright sunlight over us







it came and went all day, just when needed

Windy Competitions


What a trip! With a blurred vision horizon, dust smackling hard against the windows, a blue sky only visible straight above (like through a tunnel), and tumbleweeds flying by the hundreds across the road, catching and scraping underneath the bus, or slapping like rocks into its side. My iPod volume is way over the safe decibel level. I turn it off. The wind shoves the bus around violently, roughing it up like the football team slamming repeatedly against the opposing team. I call my husband to let him know I love him, just in case the bus tips over or I end up in Oz.

Then I notice the coach, Miss D, ignoring it all like she’s in her living room, eating a sandwich, texting avidly, and relaxing behind the driver and his huge front window; a window that just invites someone to use it as a sudden exit. Keeping my eyes on Miss D, enough of her confidence gradually oozes over in my direction, steadily easing me into breathing deep and enjoying the free wild ride to a Forensics Tournament.

Arriving at the tournament safely, almost two hundred students compete against each other with words—rather like the wind storm outside competing against the crazy humans running between the school buildings to reach their contest rooms, and competing against the buildings and trees. Guess what? The humans win!

Delicate Shapes


Brown fields, gold fields

evergreens, tall dead grasses

entirely frost sharpened

The north sides vividly, thickly white

starkly defined


delicately shaped

Freezing north wind blows

clumps of ice covered plant life