I’ve Spent

four years writing about my new experiences, while living on the high plains in southwest Kansas.  It’s no longer new, so I took many of the poems (after spending hours and hours and hours editing the Chosen Ones) and I published them in book form, and the book is now available on Amazon.com.  The prose poems are ordered by topic, and are best when read out loud, with a hot cuppa in your hand.  A few poems have b/w photos I took on the four-year journey.  I designed the cover to simplistically resemble the plains stretched out under an all-encompassing sky.  “Wind Dancers” is the title of one piece, about a certain high plains object, but just about everything and everyone, living in this part of the country, are wind dancers.


Dust or Wind


Yellow dust storm

not anything like last week’s brown dust storm

but still leaving the same enigmatic question

How can dust be a storm?

Only the wind can stir up dust

to fly in the air thousands of miles

so new seeds find themselves in

different parts of the country

and new allergies can evolve

in vulnerable noses like mine

during yellow dusty wind storm



Wired Watcher

(on our way to Dodge City to celebrate our 22nd anniversary, we saw…)


balancing on the electric line

facing the freezing north wind

     wings fluttering from the force

huge white windmills rotating behind

bare brown fields below

     holding hidden nutrition for the

     hawk hanging precariously on the wire