Wind Bluster


Trees sweep rushing down

over bob bend arch curtsy flail to

the earth’s four corners

Branches twigs drop off shattered

Sounds like waves pounding the shore


(As the hot air rises somewhere north of us and the not so hot air flows down from the south of us we get this violent bluster every other day.  I have to admit, the sound alone makes me feel like I’m near San Diego’s Torrey Pines, Silver Strand, or La Jolla Shores…nice)

The Worth of One


Fifty to sixty-mile an hour wind-gusts from the south blasted against our school’s tour bus as the driver struggled to get us all home safely from an all day Forensics Competition in Lakin, Kansas. While the wind raged, anything bendable bowed deeply towards the north. Dust choked the sky, causing grain elevators to look like hazy, impressionistic paintings.

“Now you know what one tree is worth,” the driver said, wrestling with the steering wheel, “every tree makes a difference.” His hands strove to control the swaying bus. At first, I didn’t understand his comment.

I glanced through the windows and saw a line of bare, wintered trees on the right, close to the highway. The winds gushed between the trees, shoving our top-heavy bus to the left and immediately we were sucked right back into the vacuums that each tree provided.

If one leafless, winter tree can block something as powerful as a sixty-mile-an-hour wind, what about one human in troubled times? If we find ourselves standing alone against an attack, we need to keep standing; even if we’re forced to bend sometimes, because regardless, we’re blocking the wind for someone in need. Sooner or later we’ll be noticed, even if it’s just by a brave school bus driver.