Photo 341

Here’s another shot from the kitchen window, back in April of this year, snow on the ground, and this beautiful, small woodpecker came out every day for a food visit.  I also love this passage from Romans 7 and the answer to the question…”I thank God, for Jesus Christ our Lord…”

Verse 341 2016April

Panic in the Crawl Space

Peck peck rat-a-tat peck rat-a-tat

I look up at the ceiling

Not a mouse or squirrel, they gnaw

Peck peck bang

Not a sparrow, it claws, scrapes

I stand on a chair, whack the ceiling



Husband goes outside

No openings

Later, we enter the garage

Must get groceries

Startled by a large white and red

fluttery, panicky bird

flapping everywhere, desperately

slamming into the windows

Husband opens the garage door

letting a red-bellied woodpecker

swiftly swoop to freedom

after a whole day looking for escape

We had no clue a bird that big

had gotten trapped in the garage

Just glad it wasn’t a mouse…