A Judging Perspective


Have to sit in a junior high math classroom, for an hour and a half, to judge pairs of Duet Actors. Could be at home watching TV or working on hobbies, but I’m here alone, in a student’s desk, staring at whiteboards, massive encouragement posters, desks, carpeting.

Movements and foot-treads rustle and boom as people walk in the hallway or perform forensically in front of other judges nearby.

Spend time reading a book, taking swigs of water, getting up and doing exercise windmills, toe touching, leg stretches.

Forty-five minutes snail away, with my sighs, wiggling feet, thinking about the upcoming Easter break.

Muffled conversations, laughter, come and go in the hall.

Ask myself, how would I decorate the room if I were the teacher? and have colorful spiral hangings from the ceiling, when suddenly—a duet finally arrives!

How exciting! Can’t let on, though!

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