The Cloud Family Reunion


Many times I wonder about clouds.  Are they really just gaseous waters?  Or are they creatures like us?  I think I watch too many SciFi movies, but here’s one of the scenes I envision about clouds:


Clear skies

A variety of small, white fluffy shapes float through, traveling intently in one direction

Bigger fluffy Clouds appear, swiftly following the young puffs

Not long after, huge groups of darker, thicker, more mature Clouds soar sedately past

Overtaking the younger Clouds, they mass together on the distant horizon

Then a monstrous, huge blanket-like Cloud glides through, filling the sky, the grand-daddy of them all, having a water retention problem

Afterwards, smaller Clouds, stretched out to their full length, race after the others, not wanting to be left behind


The Cloud family pre-arranged when and where to meet; most arrive at the same time; stragglers joining when they can

Family members greet each other in their big voices (because they’re big)

Hugging, kissing which creates personal-space friction especially with the teenagers

Bickering among the younger ones, or belligerent older ones, break out in occasional furies

Others rush to calm them down

Grand-dad can’t hear very well so everyone has to shout at him and he has to repeat himself all the time ‘cuz he forgets what he said or what the others said

Everyone mills around visiting with everyone sometimes laughing, sometimes arguing, sometimes crying…

Sometimes doing it all at the same time…

Always having a blast


Eventually the reunion comes to an end with tearful good-byes

The fleshly creatures below feel the heavenly excitement dissipate

The Clouds gradually disperse… scattering to their homes, neighborhoods, stomping grounds


Clear skies once again except for a few small fluffy puffs

The younger ones not wanting the fun to end

Changing their shapes

Wishing they could be bigger


Tam Raynor

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