Sendoff 2015

This pretty year started with lots of white snow, then lots of blooming spring, then lots of green summer, then lots of colorful fall, and a very late winter. Highlights are:

Hawks, colorful birds, buzzards, snow geese, a rabbit, ground hogs, a chipmunk, a giant owl, hummingbirds, a molting cardinal, and baby chicken chicks

Tow-Mater sighting in East Rochester and my picture in The Writer’s Magazine

Flowers, storms, kayaking, picnics, friends and family visits

Touring Alexander Campbell’s home and museum in Bethany, West Virginia

Farmers, sheep, cattle, milking farms, the Tractor Man, an Antique Car showing, and covered bridges, and barns

Ancient graveyard tours, little girls and a frog, high school soccer, a school musical

Vacation Bible school, Friday evening church sings, Bible lectureships and Gospel meetings, and creating a new church directory

4th of July parade, picnics, Niagara Falls, and wild rides in farm ATV’s

County fairs, tractor pulls, Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame

Golfing with a Cat, a friend publishing her first book (The Younger Sister to a Genius), publishing my first children’s book (Blue Boo and the Coo) and a new word puzzle book (Search the Word Puzzles 4: Galatians & Ephesians)

Many fall tours and speaking at a Ladies’ Day, Thanksgiving, a friend’s funeral, and Christmas

These ultra-brief highlights blend in with love, relaxation, health issues, eating, sleeping, working, helping people, being helped in return, reading, writing—living.

5 thoughts on “Sendoff 2015

    • Thank you, mucho! I wish you, too, a great 2016. I read your writings as often as I can. I think I’m almost done with acclimating to this new place, so I’ll hopefully be able to read more!!! Keep writing, I love your mind!

      • Than YOU! I’ve going going through one of those slumps again where I wonder why I bother to blog. “After all, who cares what I have to say?” Nice to know someone does. 🙂

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