The Town of Fireworks


On the fourth evening of July

almost every street and alley, parking lot and football field

has fireworks of every kind shooting skyward

banging, whizzing, fizzing, sparkling

booming, with colors, sparkles, blasts, screams

Cinders land everywhere, smoke fumes the air

Celebrating Independence Day

The freedom to live in a town allowing everyone to shoot

noisy dangerous things into the sky during

one week of every year



2 thoughts on “The Town of Fireworks

  1. As you say, folks are thankful to celebrate Freedom itself. Most countries have a national holiday and everyone likes parties and noise, but there are many countries where the fireworks are just a facade put on by the privileged few to conceal major oppression. The average citizen has no Freedom to celebrate

    • I agree, Christine. I grew up in places like San Diego and the average citizen can’t shoot fireworks there without getting fined, or something. Mainly because of noise laws and safety laws and fire hazards. This is the first place I’ve ever been where anybody can shoot fireworks of any kind that one can afford from almost anywhere in the town! I lit off a couple of sparklers, myself 🙂

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