Rise and Shine

Everyone’s encased in fleshly dust

with a struggling spirit inside

that gets to shine out a few times a day

stretching out and up to heaven

blessing everyone around for awhile

until it gets sucked back into the quicksand of

fleshly dust, and the world becomes dark

anticipating our spirit to struggle up out again

People behave imperfectly, including you and me

but having a bit of shine a few times a day is

well worth the effort, the wait, don’t you think?


2 thoughts on “Rise and Shine

  1. “but having a bit of shine a few times a day” I don’t know if I think in these terms — if I see myself shining much — but of “having a little light shed on my own path a few times a day.”

    • I see what you mean. Sometimes others’ good sides shine in my direction when I need it, and sometimes my good side shines in their direction. My sister is having a very hard time living with our very sick parents and she was thinking, yesterday, that she had offended God in some way. I tried to remind her of Job, and Daniel, that bad things happen and good things happen, it’s not always about offending God, it can sometimes be a testing, or we’re just in the path of someone else’s problems. Just shine when we can, and when we can’t, we can accept someone else’s shine, or at least go looking for it, maybe.

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